Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause the Fourth Seal Judgment in Revelation 6?

  • 29 March 2021 |
  • Written by  Michael

Revelation 6 begins the explanation of the seven seal judgments. The First Seal (Revelation 6:1-2) reveals the Antichrist in disguise. He is portrayed as a rider on a white horse, meaning he is impersonating our savior, Jesus. In the Second Seal (Revelation 6:3-4) the Antichrist begins to reveal his true nature as a fiery red horse is revealed. With the Third Seal, the horse changes to black, indicating the wars and killing are set to begin.   However, only when the Fourth Seal is opened does life on the earth becomes truly disastrous.  

When he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” 8 And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider's name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth.  Revelation 6:7-8 ESV (emphasis added)

Over one-fourth of the population of the earth is killed. That would be more than 1.5 billion people who are killed by the Fourth Seal. How is that even possible?

Apparently, it's not only possible but if we believe what Revelation says it will actually happen. In this article, we'll first look at the numbers to create some background and context. Next, we'll look at the Greek behind the English test in Revelation 6:8 to make sure we are accurately interpreting what the Bible says.  The keyword in English is pestilence.  Does that actually mean a plague or illness like COVID-19? Finally, we'll look at the methods of destruction stated in the Fourth Seal and determine how in the world it might be possible to kill 1.5 billion people.

By the Numbers

According to the numbers at, roughly there are:

  • 7.8 billion people in the world in 2021
  • 2.1 billion Christian

To keep the math simple, I'm rounding down to 7 billion total people.  I'm also going to GUESS that 1 billion Christians are raptured.  To be very, very clear this is a guess, not a prediction.  And, the primary reason I guessed 1 billion is to make the math easy. I have no idea how many people God will choose to take home in the Rapture.

Total Population  7,000,000,000 
Minus Raptured Christians  -1,000,000,000 
Tribulation Beginning Population   6,000,000,000 
X   25% 
Fourth Seal Deaths 1,500,000,000 

After the Rapture and the Fourth Seal, that would leave approximately 4.5 billion people remaining on the earth. Actually, the number is closer to 5+ billion since I rounded down for the math above. Regardless, speculating on the number of people left is not the point of this article.  The point of this article is the 1.5 billion people who are killed as a result of the Fourth Seal. Further to that point, let me suggest that the number 1.5 billion is an even bigger number than you might suspect.

For additional context, here are some of the approximate numbers for three of the largest mass killings (genocides) of the 20th century. Note the estimates are on the high side for the Soviet Union and for China.

Country Target Deaths  
Nazi Germany   European Jews 6,000,000  
Soviet Union Poor and Ethnic Minorities 60,000,000  
China Poor and Enemies of Communism    100,000,000  

In addition, World War 2 killed approximately 55,000,000 soldiers and civilians worldwide. Adding the 55,000,000 killed in World War 2 to the genocides above puts the total number just over 200 million or about 13% of the expected Fourth Seal total. Plus the events list above happened over many years and sometimes decades. The point is, killing that many people in a short period of time is extraordinarily difficult. Virtually any plausible scenario I can think of would likely kill either far less or dramatically more than 1.5 billion. On the "far less" side, a massive, coordinated genocidal effort could in theory result in millions or perhaps 10's of millions of casualties over six months. For comparison, the Nazis were killing individual Jews 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 5+ years. Therefore it is unlikely that anything similar to the Nazi effort would result in more than a small percentage of the prophecized 1.5 billion deaths. The Fourth Seal will need to kill people far more efficiently. It cannot be completed by a relatively small percentage of the population who are set out to slay the masses.  

Side note. I'm not being insensitive and flippant about the pain and suffering associated with any of the deaths in the past or in the future.  Instead, I'm trying to convey the magnitude of the prophecy. The scale is literally unfathomable.

Continuing on, when considering the "dramatically more" side, it would take something on the order of a full-on nuclear war to create 1.5 billion deaths. However, that level of conflict would be just as likely to obliterate 80% of all life on earth as it would be to limit the carnage to 1.5 billion. That will make more sense when you look at the population distribution by distribution below. Another possibility could be an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). An EMP could be created by a massive solar flare or a nuclear weapon that explodes high outside the atmosphere. For example, the U.S. government estimates that an EMP over the Continental U.S. would kill 90% of the people within 1 year, although initially, it wouldn't kill the people directly. Instead, the EMP would wipe out the power grid which would destroy the ability of society to produce and deliver food, water, healthcare, security, etc. The people of 1st world countries like the U.S. do not have the ability to instantly revert to an agrarian economy to survive. Both the knowledge and the mechanisms no longer exist the way they did as recently as the 19th century. The lack of food, water, and security would ultimately result in the destruction of the population.

Looking at the populations by region we can see that anything creating the estimated number of casualties will need to be spread around the world. Again these numbers are from and they are from 2020.

Region  Population   Percentage  
Asia  4,641,054,775   60%  
Africa 1,340,598,147   17%  
Europe   747,636,026   10%  
Latin America and the Caribbean    653,962,331    8%  
North America  368,869,647   5%  
Oceania  42,677,813   1%  

Now that we have some background, let's move on to look at the meat of the article.

Pestilence in the Fourth Seal 

The Fourth Seal casualties will likely occur over weeks, months, or perhaps a year on the outside. Remember the Tribulation is only 7-years long, so whatever happens, must happen relatively quickly.

The prophecy explicitly indicates four different ways people will be killed.

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider's name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth  Revelation 6:8 ESV (emphasis added) 

As we have seen, it will be really hard for something to happen that causes 1.5 billion deaths.  Therefore it makes sense that deaths will result from four different methods; sword, famine, pestilence, and beasts. None of these individually would be sufficient. But what does each mean?

  • Sword - obviously this means war. Many people will be killed during a global war that will break out when the Fourth Seal is opened.
  • Famine - not enough food to feed the people. Probably crops will fail, people will not be able to farm, and food transportation and distribution services will fail.
  • Pestilence - this is another word for sickness.  This is where the COVID vaccines will impact the total
  • Wild Beasts - the phrase is translated from the Greek word "thérion" which according to Strong's Concordance and which the usage is explained as " properly: a wild beast, hence: any animal; met: a brute." Therefore it looks like the predatory animals become human killers at some point.

For the purposes of this article, we are only going to discuss pestilence. I looked up the word "pestilence" at and their definition is "a deadly or virulent epidemic disease." The definition was the same in several different dictionaries that I looked at with one difference.  Some of the dictionaries referenced that the word pestilence frequently referred directly to the bubonic plague or "Black Death" that killed roughly 30% of the population in Europe from 1347 through the early 1350s, one of the worst epidemics in human history.

To be sure we are headed in the right direction I went to look at the original Greek behind the English translation and what I found surprised and confused me. Both the English words "Death" and "pestilence" in verse 8 are translated from the same Greek word which is "Thanatos." The meaning of the word Thanatos is death, whether physical or spiritual. (Thanatos is also the name of a minor Greek go who was the literal personification of death.) The only difference between the way word is used is that the first instance of Thanatos is a Nominative Noun and the second is a Dative Noun.  Now trust me when I say that I have very little understanding of this granular level of grammar, however, since still have the Internet the answer was readily available with a little more searching.

For those of you non-grammar experts like me, a Normative Noun is a noun or pronoun that is the subject of the sentence, "And its rider's name was Death." Notice that death is capitalized because it is used as a proper name. The second instance of the word Thanatos is a Dative Noun, meaning it is an indirect object in the sentence, frequently the object of a prepositional phrase. For example, in the Literal Standard Version (LSV) of the Bible, the word is translated as death, but as a noun in a prepositional phrase.

...authority to kill over the fourth part of the earth with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and by the beasts of the earth  Revelation 6:8 LSV (emphasis added)

So does that make perfect sense why Thanatos should be translated as pestilence? No, it didn't for me either.  So I decided to keep looking.

My next idea was to find similar judgments in the Bible elsewhere and see if there were similar judgments elsewhere in the Bible. What I found were several judgment references in Ezekiel 14 that include the same four methods of judgment.

19 “Or if I send a pestilence into that land and pour out my wrath upon it with blood, to cut off from it man and beast, 20 even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were in it, as I live, declares the Lord God, they would deliver neither son nor daughter. They would deliver but their own lives by their righteousness.

21 “For thus says the Lord God: How much more when I send upon Jerusalem my four disastrous acts of judgment, sword, famine, wild beasts, and pestilence, to cut off from it man and beast! 22 But behold, some survivors will be left in it, sons and daughters who will be brought out; behold, when they come out to you, and you see their ways and their deeds, you will be consoled for the disaster that I have brought upon Jerusalem, for all that I have brought upon it. 23 They will console you, when you see their ways and their deeds, and you shall know that I have not done without cause all that I have done in it, declares the Lord God.”  Ezekiel 14:19-22 ESV (emphasis added)

The four methods are also mentioned in Ezekiel 5. In both cases, the Hebrew word translated as pestilence is "deber." In Strong's Concordance, the word deber is translated as pestilence, plague, or thorns.

I will send famine and wild beasts against you, and they will rob you of your children. Pestilence and blood shall pass through you, and I will bring the sword upon you. I am the Lord; I have spoken.  Ezekiel 5:17 ESV (emphasis added)

While I don't know why John of Patmos used the Greek word Thanatos in Revelation 6:8, I did find a reference that by custom Greek Hellenists generally use "Thanatos" to represent pestilence.  Also, since it is virtually certain that John of Patmos would have been familiar with the four methods of judgment used in Ezekiel 5 and 14. Therefore, translating the word Thanatos that literally means "death" to also mean pestilence seems to be generally accepted as appropriate by modern scholars.

Pestilence and the Covid Vaccine

Now that we have established that the word pestilence is a valid translation in Revelation 6, and we have seen where the Fourth Seal produce an unbelievably huge but not too huge number of deaths, let's discuss how the COVID vaccines will likely be a major direct and indirect contributor to the prophesized Fourth Seal total.

There are three primary ways the downsides of the vaccine will likely contribute to the fulfillment of the Fourth Seal.

  • Vaccine-induced injuries
  • Antibody-Dependent Response
  • Global immunity catastrophe 

Vaccine-Induced Injuries

According to U.S. News and World Report, approximately 10% of the U.S. had been fully vaccinated by March 11, 2021.  With the U.S. population being approximately 320 million, that means roughly 32 million people had received their jabs. So how do we common people (not the elites) know if there have been any vaccine-induced injuries from any of the COVID experimental vaccines?  Well, it's not perfect but a good place to look is at the data recorded in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or VAERS.  VAERS is a website that is operated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.  It is a site where anyone can submit information about a vaccine-related event, even if it is not 100% clear that the event was caused by a vaccine.  The database that stores the data has information as old as 1990, although there are less than 1 million total entries in the system.

The National Vaccine Information Center has an easy-to-use website where anyone who is comfortable working with data can query the database by clicking a few buttons.  For example, here are a few screenshots of some information I found.  The first screenshot shows the number of COVID19 related events reported since the beginning of the vaccines through March 11, 2021, with the events grouped by age range.  While the number of cases is small compared to the total vaccinated (approximately 1/1000th of a percent) it is important to remember that the reporting is voluntary, unless the event is witnessed by a healthcare provider.  If a healthcare provider sees the event, they are required to report it.

If you want to look at the detail behind this table, you may click this link to see it with the same filters already applied.  

2021 03 11 COVID Vax Adverse Reactions

This second screenshot shows the number of events where the patient died. The fact that the patient died and that it is reported here does not definitively prove that the COVID19 vaccination was the cause, but it does raise the suspicion that can only be resolved by an investigation.  As you can see from the numbers again the overall number of deaths is small compared to the number of people vaccinated.  However, it is not small if your loved one was one of the people who died.  Again you can see the details by click this prefiltered link.

2021 03 11 COVID Vax Deaths

For comparison, in this final screenshot, I ran a report for all deaths reported from any influenza vaccine since the data was first recorded.  I found a few records as far back as 1990. While the 1,935 influenza vaccine deaths are larger than the 1,739 COVID19 vaccine deaths listed above, remember the table below shows 30 years of data, and the COVID19 table above only shows 3 months of data.  Based on the data, even with a margin for error, I think it is fair to say the COVID19 vaccines are not as safe as the influenza vaccines. Click here to see the prefiltered data in detail. Also, here's another article with a similar finding comparing the COVID19 and influenza vaccines.

2021 03 11 FLU Vax Deaths Since 1990

In Europe, they have a similar website, EudraVigilance, which aggregates suspected adverse drug reactions, including vaccines, from the various countries in the region.  The website ran a query on the data and they published an article with the results through March 13, 2021, for the three primary experimental vaccines; Phizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca.  The results of the query showed 3,964 suspected deaths and 162,610 suspected injuries. What the article does not include is an estimated number of people vaccinated to compare that against. As a reminder, they are suspected deaths and injuries until such time as each report is thoroughly investigated and confirmed to be vaccine-related.  However, it is fair to assume that if an honest investigation were conducted, many if not most of the reports would conclude they are vaccine-related.

While any deaths are tragic, the above numbers are insignificant compared to the 1.5 billion prophesized deaths in the Fourth Seal.  Therefore I believe it is fair to say that the Fourth Seal deaths will not be fulfilled based on vaccine-induced injuries.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

As we head up the lethality scale, our next stop is Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE).  Here's a description of ADE from page 19 of a white paper published by America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS). AFLDS is a non-profit organization of emergency room doctors committed to communicating unfiltered information about the experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE), is when anti-COVID antibodies, created by a vaccine, instead of protecting the person, cause a more severe or lethal disease when the person is later exposed to SARS-CoV-2 in the wild. The vaccine amplifies the infection rather than preventing damage. It may only be seen after months or years of use in populations around the world. This paradoxical reaction has been seen in other vaccines and animal trials. One well-documented example is with the Dengue fever vaccine, which resulted in avoidable deaths.

Also on page 19 of the document (emphasis added), 

ADE is especially tricky because it is a delayed reaction. Initially all seems well. The person seems to have a great immune response but then becomes deadly when the person is exposed to the virus in the wild. It is well known that you must do animal testing first to try to rule out ADE. Strong vaccine advocates Dr. Offit and Dr. Hotez, who would be expected to be enthusiastic about these experimental vaccines, have not really endorsed these new experimental vaccines, because previous coronavirus vaccines have a long history of failure due to “antibody dependent enhancement.”

There is a reason no successful coronavirus vaccine has been produced to date.  Animal testing on SARS-CoV-1 vaccine candidates thought to have solved the ADE issue failed the animal tests.  The issue seems to have more to do with the coronavirus itself than with the vaccine used. Here's the conclusion (emphasis added) from one of the coronavirus vaccine studies published on the U.S. National Institute of Health website.

These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated.

On page 21 of the document, AFLDS makes the following statement.

If these experimental coronavirus vaccines cause an ADE reaction and millions and millions of Americans have taken this vaccine, instead of a 99.98% cure rate for COVID-19 we could face a 20-30% death rate when all these millions of Americans are exposed to COVID-19 in the wild.

They admit the following in footnotes related to this statement, "This is speculation based upon the deaths of the ferrets in the prior SARS vaccine trials." However, without any animal testing data on the SARS-CoV-2 experimental vaccines, who knows? The truth is, nobody knows for sure.

There are several videos that I recommend you watch. The first video is by Dr. Simone Gold who is a founding member of  In the video she makes several key points:

  • First, she is not an anti-vaxxer.  All her children have been vaccinated with all the required and recommended vaccines for their age.
  • In April 2020, hydroxychloroquine was demonized by the U.S. and European governments as an unsafe medication, even though it showed great success treating COVID-19 and the fact that this medication has been used extensively for treating malaria since the 1940s.  This was a bald-faced lie and this lie likely cost tens of thousands of people their lives.  
  • If the U.S. and European governments were willing to blatantly lie about hydroxychloroquine, likely for political and financial reasons. In the U.S. those warnings were quietly retracted, many pages deep into an American Medical Association document related on October 30, 2020. Sounds like suspicious timing given the November 3 election don't you think? Therefore, if the government was blatantly lying about the safety and effectiveness of inexpensive and readily available medicines at the beginning of the pandemic, how can we ever trust what they are saying about COVID-19 and experimental vaccines?
  • The experimental vaccines were pushed to the market without animal testing.  Without animal testing, it is impossible to know if ADE will be present when the immunized person meets an in-the-wild version of the virus in the future.
  • She is not opposed to the effort to vaccinate people so long as the proper testing and trials are conducted first and confirmed that the experimental vaccines are safe.
  • However, she does question the need for vaccines for a virus with a 98%+ survival rate with no treatment.

Although the video is 1-hour in length, I encourage you to watch it; especially if you are new to researching the COVID-19 experimental vaccines. 

This second video is 10-minutes long and it features Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  He describes the mRNA experimental vaccines and why they are not truly vaccines but rather they are genetic engineering. Once you take an mRNA vaccine it is in your body for life.  You cannot remove it.  

The third video is 40-minutes long and it is an interview with Dr. Lee Merritt.  Dr. Merritt is a member of and she has extensive experience in the bioweapons area. She is especially concerned that the experimental vaccines were shipped to distribution centers BEFORE they received FDA emergency approval.  The vaccines are not fully approved, thus their experimental status.  Her arguments are compelling.  

Again, even with all the potential negative effects, ADE still would not be enough to meet the prophesized 1.5 billion deaths.  For that, we need to move to the last type, the Global Immunity Catastrophe.

Global Immunity Catastrophe

On March 3, 2021, world-renown vaccine specialist Geert Vanden Bossche tweeted out a remarkably grave warning and a link to download further detail about the experimental vaccines. The urgency and concern in his warning are unheard of for someone with his background and commitment to vaccines of all types. It is likely that by making these statements he has destroyed his current and future professional career. 

“I am EXTREMELY concerned about the impact current Covid-19 vaccines will have when increasingly deployed in mass vaccination campaigns conducted in the heat of a pandemic. Read my global WARNING & scientific evidence.”

In any list of vaccinology experts around the world, Geert Vanden Bossche would certainly be in the upper echelon.  Here's his background as described by

Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM, is a vaccine research expert. He has a long list of companies and organizations he’s worked with on vaccine discovery and preclinical research, including GSK, Novartis, Solvay Biologicals, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr Vanden Bossche also coordinated the Ebola vaccine program at GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization).

He is board-certified in Virology and Microbiology, the author of over 30 publications, and inventor of a patent application for universal vaccines. He currently works as an independent vaccine research consultant.

You can download the document he released here.  It's fairly technical but I still recommend reading or scanning through it if you want to know more.  

 Here's a summary of his concerns:

  • "Prophylactic vaccines are for use in…a conventional prophylactic setting, NOT in a pandemic setting"
    • Prophylactic meaning something preventative
    • Vaccines are good for endemic (seasonal) scenarios, but not for pandemic (widespread) scenarios where the disease is already everywhere
  • The current vaccines underperform, meaning they are not stopping the disease from spreading
  • Not only are they preventing the spread, but the underperforming vaccines are also putting pressure on the virus to adapt and mutate to even more dangerous variants
  • As an analogy, the adaptation and mutation of the virus are similar in concept to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria when antibiotics are overused or when they are stopped before completing the full dose. When bacterial infections are not completely eradicated, the surviving elements become stronger and more resistant. Overtime good antibiotics have become useless. The stated goal with the COVID19 experimental vaccines is to have everyone on earth vaccinated.
  • Finally, not only are they causing the virus to become more deadly, but they are also destroying the body's natural immunity to coronaviruses. Once a person has received the first vaccination this cannot be undone.

Consider this quote by a world-renowned vaccine expert: 

 “One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction.”  Geert Vanden Bossche March 6, 2021

The last video features Geert Vanden Bossche in a question-and-answer interview format. It is 1-hour long. However, this version of the interview includes commentary from Del Bigtree from  In the video, Del Bigtree intersperses parts of the Geert Vanden Bossche interview with his commentary to explain what Geert is saying in layman's terms. Del's commentary made a big difference to my understanding of the issue.

If you don't have an hour to watch, I strongly encourage you to skip to the 40-minute mark and listen to the end. It is definitely worth your time to understand because this video explains how it will be possible for the Fourth Seal to claim the lives of 1.5 billion people when it happens.  


In summary, if you haven't taken the vaccine yet I strongly encourage you to avoid it if at all possible.  Don't take my word for it that the vaccines are bad and definitely don't trust the governments that say the vaccines are good with no side effects.  Do your own research.  Evaluate the statements of the medical professionals in the videos above. Read your Bible and compare what others say about the Fourth Seal in Revelation 6. Then make your own decision.

If you have taken the vaccines already, don't worry about it. If you have given your life to Jesus already it is likely we will all be raptured before the Fourth Seal is opened. The current vaccines are NOT the Mark of the Beast as I explained in a recent post. However, they are definitely a predecessor to the Mark of the Beast, especially when combined with vaccine passports and certificates.

If you haven't given your life to Jesus yet, now is the time. Once the Rapture occurs it won't be too late to be saved, but it will be too late to avoid the tyranny of the Antichrist and all the pain and suffering the Tribulation will bring.

In the strongest way possible I encourage you to skip the vaccine and skip the Tribulation.  Get right with Jesus now while you have time!

Thanks for reading.

God Bless! 


Last modified on March 31, 2021
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