Heaven's Door - A Rapture Preview Story

  • 07 April 2020 |
  • Written by  Michael

One nice in late May 2019, I had a very intensive dream as if God was telling me something.  I've only had maybe 3 or 4 of these in my life so I know it was different. 


In my dream, I was walking out the door of my office building and I heard music; amazing music.  I looked up in the sky and I saw this opening, like a door and I could tell that's where the music was coming from.  Inside the opening, was also a platform or riser.  I don't remember any details but I got the impression that the music was coming from whoever was on the platform.  As I realized this was the rapture, I reached for my cell phone so I could call my brother and tell him the rapture is happening now!  But I couldn't move.  I was physically frozen.  The dream ended there.  I wasn't drawn up into the sky but I was certain that it was the rapture I was seeing. 

The image at the top of this article is my best representation of what I saw.  Most people, myself included, think of a door as a rectangle that is taller than it is wide.  However, in my dream, the door was clearly wider than it was tall.  The picture is taken outside my office from the location in my dream where I saw the door in the sky.  The open was at a slight angle to me from where I was looking.  I spent several hours trying to draw the opening with the correct perspective, but that's not my best skill. Here are a few more details that I can share:

  • My office is in Richardson, TX.  Richardson is a suburb of Dallas
  • The picture is looking in roughly a Northeastern direction
  • In my dream, the sky was almost completely clear, but there were a few small, wispy clouds that were very unusual looking.  I can't really describe them
  • The door to my office is left and behind me in the picture.  In my dream, I walked out of the door to see what was happening.  Where I am standing in the picture is a short sidewalk that is perpendicular to the parking lot
  • The time during my dream was definitely in the afternoon.  Whether it was early or later afternoon I do not know.  
  • The trees and landscape around me were green, just like the picture.  My best guess is it was either in the Spring or the early Fall. 

I do know two other things based on how I was feeling during the dream:

  1. I was shocked and I had the feeling that I was not personally ready for the rapture.  I was not in a good place with my faith at that time last year.  (I'm better now, but still with plenty of room for improvement!)
  2. My feeling was the rapture is coming sooner than I expect.  (Which is different than saying sooner than I hope!)

I have wondered since then if in my dream I was seeing an actual preview of the rapture or just a representation of it. If it was an actual preview then does that suggest a timeline?  Maybe.  With the COVID-19 virus, I'm working from home now.  Therefore, any chance that the rapture might occur this Spring seems to be out of the question if this was an actual preview since it is unlikely that we will be back working in the office until at least early June.  I've been kinda holding out hope for a Pentecost rapture, but that's on a Sunday meaning I wouldn't be at the office that day.  Perhaps we will all be released from our home prison before June or we'll make it through till Fall 2020.  God only knows.

The Good News is that God will most assuredly call us home at the perfect time to achieve His will!

God Bless!

Last modified on April 07, 2020
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