Why Do I Care When Jesus Raptures the Church?

After showing my new website to a very good friend of mine, he responded with two questions. He's a strong Christian brother with whom I enjoy exchanging banter between discussions about Jesus and other serious subjects. So when he asked me the questions I was tempted to respond with a smart aleck comment. But before I responded I thought for a moment and I decided that he had asked some great questions that were were worthy of a thoughtful, honest answer. Further, I thought maybe I should just go ahead and answer his question by posting the answer on my website.  

So here's the first question, exactly as he wrote it to me:

Why do you want to know – or get as close to you can in knowing – the date or approximate timing of the Rapture?

Since it is relevant to this website, I thought maybe it worthy of answering publically.


The Math of Imminence and Biblical Prophecy

The May 2017 post titled Exit Sign by Greg Lauer of A Little Strength has resonated with me or a while  I only read it the first time in August or September but it stuck with me.  I highly recommend it if you have not read it already.


Since then I have been noodling on the idea of how to evaluate the idea of biblical speculation vs the doctrine of imminence.  According to Greg the definition of imminence is this:

Imminence is essentially nothing more than the idea that the Rapture could happen at any time.


Or, more precisely, at no point in time during the Church Age have we ever possessed or will we ever possess the revelation knowledge of Scripture required to confirm the exact date of the Rapture before it occurs, or the existence of a prophetic event that must precede it.


Here's how I interpret Greg’s statements:



Did Something Prophetic Happen in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World?

Something bizarre and maybe even prophetic happened on Friday, May 11 to the Maleficent Dragon in the Walt Disney World  Festival of Fantasy Parade at the Magic Kingdom. As you can see in the picture here, it caught fire. Now the dragon is an elaborate parade float; a real, fire-breathing dragon.  But it certainly not supposed to have fire like this! As you can see in the picture here and the video in this article below, the head of the dragon caught fire during the middle of the parade.  Things like this just don't happen at Walt Disney World.  

Why might this be prophetic?  Read on and find out.

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