John 9 - Are Humans More Open To The Truth in 2022 Than During Biblical Times?

Does evidence mean anything these days? If I had rock-solid, easy-to-understand evidence that the Earth is flat, would you believe it? Would you even consider it or evaluate it? I'm not saying the Earth is flat. I'm just using the idea as a "what if" example. The Earth is clearly a sphere, a giant blue marble in space, end of story. But, what if I really had irrefutable evidence about something unbelievable, something 180 degrees opposite of what you have always known to be true? Could you allow yourself to believe it after a thorough evaluation? For context, I'm not talking about small truths,  I'm referring to life-altering truths. A few examples would include,

  • Is there really a God, did he send his son Jesus to die for our sins, and was he resurrected on the third day?
  • Are we really on the cusp of the Rapture and the Tribulation?
  • Is the Great Reset real and will it likely lead to human slavery for the majority of people in the world?
  • Should we trust that our governments and the mainstream media are telling the truth and that they have our country's best interests in mind?

Would you be willing to throw away whatever you believed previously and accept a new explanation that has proven to be true without a shadow of a doubt? Could you do it?

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